2018 Scoliosis Awareness Month is Here!

BACS HQ is bursting with enthusiasm ‘cos Scoliosis Awareness Month is here! (WE CAN’T KEEP CALM!)

I mean, we do this awareness business on a regular right? Buttttt having an entire month dedicated to raising Scoliosis Awareness helps us to be extra laser-focused with expanding our audience and being able to reach more people.

To commemorate Scoliosis awareness month in the past two years since BACS launched, we’ve done the following:
– Organized awareness run in 2016 & 2017 (Even with the rain people still showed up and showed out! Thank you!! 💚
– We showcased a series via our online channels tagged #TellYourConquerStory with contributions from Scoliwarriors in our community.

These events helped us with generating buzz online (with mentions from publications such as BellaNaija, YNaija etc) and offline as well and we are looking to surpass that this year albeit in a different way.

Considering the weather (it’s rainy season now), we’re planning to go another route this June. Please read below, an overview of our plans for the month. We hope you’ll be able to join with us one or more times! 🙂

  1. Scoliosis Open House: Come 30th June 2018, we will be having an indoor open house featuring scoliosis specialists, parents of children living with scoliosis, as well as scoliosis warriors. It’s going to be a panel session featuring education, enlightenment and Q&A sessions. We will also be holding scoliosis screenings and sharing experiences. More details on this will be popping up on our social media feed in the next coming weeks.
  2. Do you kNOw Scoliosis? We will be visiting a secondary school in Maryland, Lagos to share about scoliosis sometime this month. We will also be at the Ikeja City Mall (ICM) on Saturday the 16th, to share about scoliosis. Follow our feed for all the details!

Of course we plan to be very visible on your social media feeds! Check out the hashtags #gotyourback18 #kNOwScoliosis #WarriorCrushWednesday

Together we go farther… LET’S DO THIS 2018!




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