BACS takes Scoliosis Awareness to Ibadan!

Yessss!!!:D On Monday, 26th September 2016, Team BACS were live at the Bishop Akinleye Memorial Anglican Church, Iwo Road, Ibadan, to enlighten and educate the mothers, fathers, and grand-parents on Scoliosis. The session held in both the English and Yoruba languages.

It was a purposeful and interactive session! Most of them were only just learning about scoliosis for the first time. We demonstrated the Adams Foward Bend Test, dispelled long-standing myths about scoliosis, handed out mini-infographics to everyone present- to further aid scoli-education, and got to answer a lot of questions! We also got to meet a Scoli-Warrior!💚

Some of the questions asked included:

-Can a woman with scoliosis have a normal child delivery?
-Can a person develop scoliosis as a result of stroke?
-Is there a link between immunization in children and scoliosis (as in the case of polio)?

We will be giving answers to these questions in our subsequent blog posts, so stay tuned! 😉

Here are some pictures from our outreach in Ibadan…

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