#MCM: Scoli Warrior, Yemi Olutoye!


😀 It’s our first #MCM and it’s also a belated Happy Birthday to this amazing young man. Yemi Olutoye is a young undergraduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and yes, Yemi is also a scoli-warrior!
If you are a young man (or lady) living with scoliosis and finding it somewhat unfair, difficult or near-devastating, Yemi is one person to definitely look up to!
BTW, Yemi wrote a lovely letter, to all-we-living with a curved spine..

“Do what you have to, to remain sane and focus on the life beyond a curved spine, focus on the fact that you might have to live your life like that, get married, bear children with your curved spine unless of course you can touch Jesus’ garment. If it involves shutting out the whole world on occasions, please do, I do these a lot, and when you’re done, pick up from where you left off and continue ruling your world if you have started. Because, really, the main stigma, as it were, as regards scoliosis, apart from the damage it can do physically, is also the emotional and psychological trauma it can cause. Don’t let it get to you. We are bent but not broken.”

Be sure to read the entire letter here

We Love You, Yemi! Keep Living way way #BeyondACurvedSpine ! <3

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