#MCM: World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt &… He has Scoliosis ! :D

image (5)Usain Bolt’s scoliosis was detected while growing up. He doesn’t have a visible hump (kyphosis) on his back, but he does have a really curved “S” on his back. 🙂

Two things we learn from Usain:
#1: To manage scoliosis, it is very important to keep your back and core strengthened. Engage in exercise for scoliosis- you’ll experience less pain, maintain a better posture and a better mental and physical well-being. If you will like to engage in exercises and you are clueless, we can help you! Kindly drop a message or email us – info@beyondacurvedspine.com

#2: NOTHING in the world has power to stop you but You! YES!!! Usain St. Leo Bolt’s achievement of athletic excellence while living with scoliosis is a testament of his ability to overcome obstacles- no matter what, and is a huge source of hope and inspiration for everyone living with this condition.
So!… Hey Warrior!🙋, don’t let scoliosis (or anything at all) limit you. GO FOR GREATNESS, you were born for it!😉👑💪💚

and.. Congrats to Usain, for Rio!!!🎉

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