Scoliosis Awareness Month: Detecting Scoliosis (I)

EARLY DETECTION is the message! It is the KEY to defeating scoliosis 100 percent!

Here’s how to diagnose the symptoms of scoliosis:

When your child is Standing,
-Are his/her shoulders uneven?
-Does one shoulder blade appear higher than the other?
-Does one hip appear higher than the other?
-When the arms are by the side, is there a larger gap on one side between the arm and waist?
-Is the waist uneven?
-Does the back look slanted to one side?
-Is there a visible curve at the back (however mild)?
-Is the head slightly off center of the pelvis?


If you notice one or more signs, however unsure, TAKE YOUR CHILD TO SEE A DOCTOR!

Be Observant. Act on Time. Defeat Scoliosis!

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