4 thoughts on “#TellYourConquerStory – Busola AK

  1. Adeseyi Reply

    Truly God put a little twist in it..I use to blame my mom that she made me fall when I was a child and that is the reason why my back is not straight. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Adedamope Adediran Reply

    Wow! I’m so excited to know that even after being through this, you’ve come to be an encouragement to others. Yes I knew scoliosis was a ‘thing’ but never in my dreams could I have thought this much!
    Looking back now, I feel I should have spoken earlier but I just loved tracing the unusual ‘s’ not knowing it was a serious issue. I remember that first brace that made me laugh so much. I wish now I was more supportive then (pardon me though I was a naive teenager just as you).
    I’m happy today to read this happy testimony of a survivor of something that was meant to break you but is now a channel through which others can derive strength! #curvedbutunbroken

  3. Ifeleyi Reply

    Wow Busola!

    How insensitive was I when I asked you where you got your ‘braces’ from… I totally took it for granted it was a fashion girdle cos I totally loved your curved figure 8 shape! I still do

    You are one beautiful lady… Bless your heart

  4. Olanike Abodunrin-Bakare Reply

    “some unfortunate teachers who tried to spank or slap me on the back” Lol!!
    i remember our mathematics teacher ..Mrs S***** was one of the unfortunate ones.. she couldn’t write on the board for some minutes.

    Am inspired by the way you have beautiful turned your scars into stars by being a source of encouragement to people who are still trying to get a hold of things…Youre a champion my dear! God bless you!!

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